sunnuntai 2. marraskuuta 2014

Thankful indeed!

I actually posted on this topic in Finnish a week ago, but as I want to share my gratitude with some English link-ups too, I'm now writing in English again.

Two weeks ago I was out of a job and quite anxious about my future. The unemployment rates in Finland are rather high at the moment, and it is not easy to find a decent job. 

In the past, I used to run a company with another person. When we started the company, I lent some money to it and of course was thinking that I would stay in the company as long as the money's in there. But after a year or a little bit more I left the company, and the payback time of the loan was only a year after that (last year). When it was time to pay me back, the entrepreneur called me and asked for one more year grace period. I agreed to it. But this year as he was supposed to pay the loan back, he wrote me that he wants to transfer the company under my supervision or else it'll go bankrupt. I couldn't take the company just like that, it could have been even worse 'cos maybe (and probably) I'm not the only one to whom he owes, I doubt he has paid all the taxes etc. There were no guarantees that I would ever get my money back (and still aren't). I was very worried. 

I pray a lot, and through the whole situation I kept praying. I am aware, that there were many people, near and close, who never stopped praying. I also told some brothers and sisters, who I only knew through their blogs, about my situation and the financial burden I'm dealing with. They promised to pray for wisdom and God's hand through all of this. One of them was Susannah from Simple Moments Stick.

And then, all of a sudden: I got hired at a new job! I had been unemployed for quite some time, and did not have any high hopes this time either. But yes - I was invited for an interview (or actually a recruitment day) and finally hired! Praise the Lord for this opportunity! 

I just hope the loan thing will turn out well in time as well. If not, I'll just have to accept the fact that in life you take risks and sometimes you lose. But these last few weeks I have really felt God's hand and the power of prayers moving in my life. The Lord really helps us to get over the bad days and discover something new. His power is enormous; his grace is infinite. And - we can all act as Angels on Earth by praying for each other. It totally counts.

PS. Angels of the Lord are next to us every day. On Friday I forgot my wallet at the supermarket. The kindest and most honest staff noticed it and put it in the safe, where it is now waiting for me. Oh Lord, what would I do without You!


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  1. Amazing! Our Father is good :)

    1. Isn't He just! In good days and in bad I'm thankful to be his child :)

  2. God bless you! I really felt the power of God when I was seriously ill. Now I am in good health again and forever grateful to Him.

    1. Praise the Lord for that! It's wonderful to hear stories how God has helped his children in different ways.


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